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Aug 13, 2013

Yes, I can finally go public with the news, and I am ecstatic!

Story Spring Publishing offered me a 3-book deal that I couldn’t refuse for my fantasy series.
They are bringing out my trilogy in digital and print next year! They will be at various local and national conferences [with me, when possible] to promote it, and are experimenting with some exploratory marketing techniques that convinced me they were the real deal. [As a matter of fact, they will be at LoneStarCon3 with said ‘exploratory marketing techniques’ in hand, so look for them if you’re there.]
“Story Spring Publishing is thrilled to have acquired the Fury Triad for our Science Fiction/Fantasy line. We have Book One – This Crumbling Pageant – in production with an April 29, 2014 release. I first encountered this book as a freelance copy editor, and it shot to the top of my list of titles to acquire for our launch year. While I won’t admit to actually stalking her for it, I did suggest rather persistently that we’d be an ideal publisher for the series, because we’re actively seeking to bring our passion for the books we publish into developing innovative marketing and promotional opportunities.” says Diane Tarbuck, co-owner of Story Spring Publishing.
I’m absolutely honored they believe in my series so much, they’re using it to develop their blueprint for author relationships and for their marketing and promotion strategies.
I’m a lab rat!
[Disclaimer to PETA: No pooks will be harmed in the production of this advertising campaign.]
I’m relieved to finally be able to tell you, since I’ve been sitting on this news for a while. Do you know how hard it is for me to keep my lips zipped? I know I’ve been a tease, but really, it was harder on me than on you.
But finally–the real reason I’m beside myself.
Persephone Fury took up residence in my heart a few years ago when her magical world exploded into my imagination. Combining three of my passions – magic and England and history – her tale spun off in directions beyond my initial imaginings. She climbed my walls in storyboards, maps and images, filled my bookcase with research materials, and led the Resident Storm Chaser and me on trips to Wales, Cornwall and next on the agenda–Ireland. [He puts up with so much, and supports me beyond measure, and I adore him.]
So mark your calendars for 2014 and get ready to be swept away into a dark fantasy series that combines swashbuckling adventure, heart-pounding romance and plot-twisting suspense in equal measures.
Expect to hear more about Persephone Fury
A lot more.

So when the last and dreadful hour

This crumbling pageant shall devour,

The trumpet shall be heard on high,

The dead shall live, the living die,

And music shall untune the sky.

John Dryden, 1687



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