This Crumbling Pageant — Golden Quill for Best Fantasy Romance, 2015

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Pooks holding her Golden Quill for Best Fantasy Romance plaque.

Please excuse the quality of the photograph. It was taken with an iPhone and inadequate lighting in my new back yard office!

Originally published Jul 6, 2015, now posted as part of the site rebuild.

I’m honored and thrilled…

…to announce that This Crumbling Pageant was awarded this year’s Golden Quill for Best Fantasy Romance.

But nothing can take away from the beauty of green marble and gilt writing, my favorite colors!

The Golden Quill is sponsored by Desert Rose RWA in the greater Phoenix area of Arizona. They are a fabulous group of writers who sponsor a bi-annual writing conference that is worth every penny, if you’re able to attend. In alternating years, they sponsor highly-regarded competitions, one for published authors and one for unpublished.

According to Sandy Wright, this year’s Golden Quill chairman, “Golden Quill is judged entirely by readers and librarians. You should be proud! ”

Am I ever! Thank you to all those who worked hard to make the competition happen. I know how much work goes into these kinds of things. Thank you especially to those of you who read and enjoyed my book enough to result in it winning this award.

It now hangs on my wall!



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