Dream Big

Posted by on February 26, 2017 in Public Service Announcements | Comments Off on Dream Big

I grew up watching the Oscars, dreaming that someday I would win one.

Rehearsing my speech for best actress.

Then I grew up and my dream changed.

I now practice my speech for best screenplay.

Yes. I may be writing novels, but my life isn’t over.

I may return to screenplays.

I haven’t given up that dream.

What dreams do you still have?

Let’s cling to them.


Dream big or stay home.

NOTE:  I had this posted on my previous furytriad site, the one that was hacked with brute force [doesn’t that chill your soul?] and that I ultimately rebuilt, losing all the old comments.

Several people responded to this post with dreams of their own. As a public service, I am reposting. Share your dreams. Release them into the world. Watch them take flight. Shared dreams are stronger dreams, yes?



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