The Dead Shall Live — Mixed Tape

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One of my writer friends/beta readers [Chrysoula Tzavelas] sent me a link to a song that made her think of something she recently read in The Dead Shall Live. Yes, that means what you think it means.  The book is inching forward and you and I will have copies in our hands sooner rather than later, and it’s about time!

So the mood is way too dancey and happy, but the words? Oh wow, do the words fit. After you read The Dead Shall Live you will come back and wonder, “What was that song, again?”

And you’ll see the lyrics, and you’ll give Chrysoula a high-five.



Now, I have shared this one before, but if we’re talking music and The Dead Shall Live, I simply have to bring this one back.

Not only is it an amazingly painful and beautiful song, but it certainly reflects Robin’s confusion.



But finally… we have this song that everybody knows, that means a dozen different things depending on who you are and how it speaks to you.

But to me, with this song on on repeat, it speaks to an intense section of The Dead Shall Live.  A section that is swollen with passion and pain, and passion and strength, and passion and [whatever].

I”m not sure if these are spoilery or not, but I hope they have you burning to read what comes next in The Fury Triad.


Because even though it has taken way too long to come?


The wait is going to be so worth it.


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