Readers love those rascally gods!

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What? You don’t know about those rascally [and made up] gods,

Debris & Detritus?

I wish I could describe Debris & Detritus for you, but it depends on which story they’re in. They are sisters. They are twin brothers. They are British. They are ancient Greeks. They are lumps of stone, as in… well, the actual definition of debris and detritus.

They are funny.

They are sweet and romantic.

They are terrifying.

They are everything I ever dreamed they would be, and as of today, they are available for purchase just about everywhere!





And omg, people are buying and reading and reviewing the book and loving the stories and I am all – all –

They’re saying things like:

From LibraryThing:

Debris and Detritus are lesser Greek gods I would worship any day in any of their incarnations in these stories!

Inventive, engaging, funny, and creepy.

From Amazon:

“Modern and sassy and quite different one from another. Some are breathtakingly brief and others are quite involved and complicated and even slightly abstract.”

Some stories are laugh-out-loud funny, some were downright creepy, and many left me scrambling to see if the author had a full-length story in the works because their story was so wonderful that I wanted MORE.

And yes, I am also feeling a lot of this –



As soon as these stories started coming in, as soon as I started reading them, I was dancing. Because these are kickass stories.

I called it. I created it. I picked the writers to write it.


And it’s available everywhere.
In digital and [gorgeous, gorgeous] print.

Seriously, the cover, designed by one of the authors, Toni McGee Causey? Who is so talented I would hate her if I didn’t love her?

When you see this book in person, you just want to caress it and stare at it and put it out on a table and decorate with it.

It’s that awesome.

Launch price is only $4.99!

Amazon, BN, iBooks, and Kobo

And print is $14.99.

Whether they are your bedtime stories, your commute stories, your killing time in the waiting room stories or – and warning, this may happen – your can’t stop turning the page until you’ve finished the damn book stories? You will love this book. Romances, thrillers, humor, even a bit of horror.

Oh, and cows.

This one writer? He’s kind of weird. So yeah. Cows.

One more time…

Yep. One more.

Because I’m that proud of this book.

And I want these stories to get read!

Because they are awesome.

Buy! Read! Love!

Amazon BN iBooks Kobo

And let me know what you think!







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