Yeah, that was my URL on the bathroom wall. Hack you.

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The number on the bathroom wall?

Yep. Mine. For a “good time” check out furytriad…

Or actually, furytriad WAS the bathroom wall. And the number was the link to a good time.

Dancing the Dancetty-Dance-of-Dancetty

Dancing the Dancetty-Dance-of-Dancetty

And no, I don’t mean a dance-the-dancetty-dance-of-dancetty “good time.”

I apologize to those who no longer will be able to use my site–every freaking page on my site, mind you–to find a handy link to good times on a site far, far away that had nothing to do with me.

Those links are gone. Eviscerated and eradicated and combusted into micro-pixels.

I shoulda known something was up when suddenly my regularly scheduled google-report started showing me that was exceedingly popular on a lot of sites written in alphabets I don’t read.

But me, innocent me, I thought, oh what a wacky internet!

And maybe I shoulda thought something suspicious when I noticed that I suddenly had a lot of subscribers to the blog with very suspicious email addresses spelled in alphabets I don’t read?

Ya think?

[Well, honestly, I didn’t notice that until I was cleaning up the mess.]

Yes, I said, cleaning up the mess.


You may have noticed that I am not a techy girl.

You also may have noticed that this site was down for awhile.

I drove a few people crazy with questions, scrubbed my URL off the walls [well, dumped the entire site, set it on fire, burnt it to a crisp, if you must know].

And started from scratch building again, this time with:

Gobbledy-gook passwords that look like the name of that Welsh village, Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch. And strong bars on the windows. And I’ll be keeping a better eye on things now that I know which things my eye should be kept on.

But I am dancing the dancetty dance of triumph today.

Because it was hard, but don’t mess with Texas, baby.

The site is back, new and improved. I am slowly reposting the old posts and I am trying to find a way to make them stop notifying you. Please bear with me on that!

While you’re here, admire my pretty carrier pigeons in the sidebar and feel free to tickle them, feed them, and give them your email address! They don’t spam and they guard those addresses with their sharp little talons and beaks.

Hack you, sir. A public service announcement.

And they never write them on bathroom walls.

Hi, my name is Pooks and I am glad to be back.

And gloriously, blissfully happy to be writing again!












  1. Welcome back!

    • Thank you!


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