It’s not too late to get 30 free short stories!

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Link to 30 Free Short Stories


When I was invited to join this promotion with over 30 free short stories given away free, I was psyched!

I’ve never been part of one like it before, and I’m not sure there has been one like it before.

While it was set up as ‘a short story every day in April,’ my website issues left me unable to spread the news here before now.

But never fear!  You can start at any time and you will still get all the stories!

And why am I so excited about it?

It motivated me to finish the first short story in The Fury Triad Universe.


Cosmo's Tale is one of 30 Free Short Stories.

Meet Cosmo Fury.

Some of you may be fans of The Fury Triad already,  and you’ll be thrilled to read this glimpse of Cosmo’s Oxford days. You’ll see some familiar faces and some new ones that will become familiar soon.

Some of you have never read the books and this promotion will be a fun chance for you to sample this and many other story worlds.

And of course you can always read the sample chapters of This Crumbing Pageant! Many a reader has started reading here and then “clicked” to keep reading! [Yes, I can tell!]

But then you’ll really want to see where some of it all began. Yes, short story. Just saying.

Because of this promotion, the price of This Crumbling Pageant will be marked down 50% everywhere it’s sold. It takes awhiel for the sale prices to propogate everywhere so check back later if your favorite online store doesn’t have it at $2.99 already.

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Join Team Fury!

Join Team Fury.


Finally, those in the promotion will start getting the download link on April 20th. Yes, two days!


It doesn’t have a title yet.  For now, I’m just calling it “Cosmo’s Tale.” But anybody who reads it and wants to suggest a title? By golly, let me know in comments or email!

If I choose a title from your suggestions, the winner will get a prize!

The story is free and you have several ways to get it soon!

So toss some titles this way. I need one!













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  2. Psst – You probably do, but — do you know about this – ?

  3. Psst – You probably do, but — do you know about this – ?


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