Alternate History & Jamaican Steampunk? Yes, please!

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This cover. OMG, this cover. Don’t you want to know more about this world? So did I.

The cover of the fabulous Jamaican Steampunk novella, Buffalo Soldier.

Jamaican Steampunk! I didn’t know I was dying to read it until today.

If you can read what Maurice Broaddus says about his mother, duppy stories, and this world and not buy this novella immediately?

Then you are not me.

Seriously? Steampunk in an alternate history Jamaica, where Jamaica is a world power? [Because that’s the way his mother would want it?]

Let me say that again.

Jamaican Steampunk!

And as if that isn’t excellent enough, it also goes to TEXAS. Tejas.

Yes, I am one happy Pooks and I want to share it with you.

I am not sure what to excerpt to tempt you to go read everything Maurice Broaddus wrote about Buffalo Soldier, his novella. I guess since the buffalo soldiers I first ‘met’ [via research] were at Fort Davis, Texas, I will share this bit because it references Tejas, the alternate history Texas, and the title of the book.

But you must go read the entire fun and enticing explanation of Broaddus’s influences on this tale where it is posted on Scalzi’s Whatever.  [Especially his mother. And duppy stories. And his mother. Did I mention his mother?]

In Buffalo Soldier, Desmond Coke and Lij are chased through the nation state of Tejas and into the First Nations territory. As they hide from Jamaican intelligence, they are pursued by business and political interests. As they search for a place to call home, Desmond tells Lij stories. The heart of the novella is about the power of story and how it helps us create a sense of home wherever we go.

Plus shoot outs, giant robots, assassins, and sword fights because that’s what else my mom would want.

Now again, I say. Look at that cover. Look at the world he describes. And again, if you don’t want to hit click immediately…

You are not me.

Yes, reader, I did. Yes, reader, I shall report back.




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  1. It does sound fascinating!

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