Today’s Blog Post Is Brought To You By Despair & Writer’s Angst

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I had a blog post planned for today but can’t write it or do the other writing tasks I had planned because of revising The Dead Shall Live.

Specifically, the ship sequence.  Which, well, I ended up commemorating in my planner. Because I am five years old.

This will make more sense later. But I suddenly realized that in my five-year-old-me’s posts around social media to show what happened, I had a blog post. Not smooth. Not polished. But at least info that some of you may find interesting because it’s all about The Dead Shall Live revisions.

So here we go:

From instagram:

From facebook:

Writing is so HARD. Every time i think I am finished with this stretch of the book’s revisions I realize there is something else I need to do–from ‘fix’ all my non-nautical first draft ship-words to something passing for familiarity with tall ships to fixing all the dialogue of a particular character who has a particular dialect–all these things I put off to the end. Oy.

But my five year old played and I am now feeling all excited about diving in. Instead of #stillwritinggodhelpme I am #tallshipsrock and #ilovewriting again.

And my five year old wants to you see my pretty planner page that came about when I put big ugly Xes on all my other writing tasks today because–ship sequence. STILL NOT DONE.

Show and tell!

Now–back to writing!

From twitter:

Ship sequence ate and but I made pretty page to teach it lesson. So there!

From Google+ where I honestly spend little to no time and nobody seems to follow me there, but hey:

Are we there yet?

Those words are taking over my life, and no, we are not there yet. The Dead Shall Live revisions are still ongoing. BUT THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL SO YAY!

And finally, Pinterest:

Xed out all today’s writing plans with big black #sharpie Xes because the ship sequence revision is still ongoing, damn it. Are we there yet takes on a whole new meaning. No we are not there yet, we are still revising dialect, dialogue, and shippy-ship terms. Gah! But five year old me suddenly decided to let a big ship take over the planner page, and thus we have this, and I am happy, and hey! Gotta go revise.

And the best part? The half hour I spend destroying my plans for the day and then replacing them with a ship [MY ship] and some $1 Dollar Tree water colors that I used my iced tea for water? Transformed my mood into bliss.

I am so happy. I love this book. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

And sooner than you might think, it will be in your hands.


I have to get back  to work now. Show and tell is over.






  1. love it!

    • should have clarified I love the planner page, not that you’re going through writer’s pain, despair, and angst…but it can make for better writing. Not being helpful. Not meant disingenuously.

      • Of course you did! I never thought different. I am really getting very caught up in my planner and it is changing my life. Plus, I’ve discovered that the ‘craft project’ part of it really soothes me and ignites my creativity. When my brain is numb from editing, I take a break to do something with my planner [there is always something to do with it–it’s a work in progress, and I am making lots of DIY stickers, post-its, and checklists] it refreshed me and leaves me ready to get back to work.

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