Really, Pooks? Really?

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Really, Pooks?


Okay, first I was supposed to have a special advertising thing going on  which got cancelled for the second time because when the ad folks checked this morning, the book was not .99 on Amazon.


The first time it happened, I took the bullet. I decided that even though I had marked it down in my planner as ‘done’ I had somehow missed Amazon when I dropped the price everywhere. So I immediately dropped it and decided to leave the price at .99 everywhere until after the promotion finally ran today, just to be sure.

And today I got another message saying it wasn’t running because blah-blah Amazon.

This time I am sure I didn’t change it. It should have still been .99.


I am going to have to start checking daily three days prior to the next attempt [which btw I already paid for so I am not going to fuggedaboutit, no matter how tempted I am].

But that’s not my real problem.


My real problem? Look at how this post began.

In fact, let me repeat it.


Really, Pooks?


The afore-mentioned planner? Which is finally helping me keep my stuff–and I’m talking the important stuff, the writing stuff, the revisions, the schedules, the commitments, the research, the notes, the important stuff–together?

Yesterday. After spending the day with false starts writing a new scene for The Dead Shall Live. The one which not just one editor, but both editors said, “Erm, did you notice this scene is missing? We need to see this scene. You need to actually write it.”


After noodling around with attempts for hours to find a way to write the scene that was interesting–you know, not just necessary but actually fun to read?

Last night–it popped into my head.


So simple, so obvious, so unexpected, so fun.

This morning?

I don’t remember it.

After noodling around for a few more hourse, I still don’t remember it.

I freaking don’t remember it.

Because I didn’t write it down.

In my planner.


I hope these things aren’t going to come in threes. I really don’t need any more obstacles today. My head can’t take any more of this.



And again, I ask myself, after being so thrilled, happy, planny, organizedy, and productive for awhile, because I knew the answer, I knew the answer–

Write it down.


I ask myself.

Really, Pooks?


[You don’t happen to know what I was going to do in this scene to make it interesting and fun, do you…?]


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  1. you’re still having a more productive week than I am

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