You May Win $100 or a Kindle [even if you don’t] Vote for My Team!

Posted by on July 28, 2017 in This Crumbling Pageant | 4 comments

Sorry. This promotion and contest has ended.


Ahoy, mateys, lasses and lads, scallawags and scurvy dogs, mermaids and tavern wenches!

Woohoo! It’s Cowboys vs Pirates and if you think you know which team I’m on? Just because I am a 5th generation Texan? Because I love my Dallas Cowboys?

You’re wrong!


Ha! Gotcha!

Join the bloghop and meet a lot of new authors, see new [to you] books, and good luck winning $100 or a new Kindle!

So shake your booty and go win some booty, me hearty! Thar be swashbucklin’ on the high seas and this lass–I mean pirate [RAHR!] be swashin’ me buckle with the best of ’em. Arrrrr!

nd just in case ye be hittin the grog and aren’t seein’ the notice up there?

This Crumbling Pageant is only 99¢ EVERYWHERE.

And that does mean EVERYWHERE.

If you find a place where the ebook costs more, send me the link and I’ll give you a copy for free!

How’s that for pirate booty?




  1. cool!

    • I know you’ll win a prize, Miss Sweepstakes Queen! Go for it!

      • Probably not, but I did win a Cheesecake Factory gift card last week.


        • YUM!

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