Pssst. I am sharing a secret with you.

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This is not an official announcement. I have hooplah planned for that. Hooplah, I say.

But the pre-order links are being set up for The Dead Shall Live.

So let me give you the deal.

Pre-Order is only $3.99 at Amazon  & Kobo and other stores are coming soon.



Kindle edition available at a pre-order price of only $3.99 at Amazon! Other store links will show up soon. Also available in hardcover and trade, but not as a pre-order at this time.

The Dead Shall Live begins the moment the award-winning dark YA fantasy, This Crumbling Pageant, ends—with two kings but only one throne. Persephone Fury’s Dark powers are finally under control but at a horrific price, and she is married to a man she has long loathed but with whom she shares her Dark burden. Nevertheless, her beloved Robin has sworn to bring her back from the Dark.

Some series can be read out of order. The Fury Triad is not one of those series. But never fear, This Crumbling Pageant is temporarily only 99¢ everywhere to help you out if you haven’t already bought it.


At midnight-oh-one on Samhain [that’s Halloween to some of you] two things will happen.


One, this digital book will land on your ereader and be waiting for you if you have pre-ordered. Like magic!


Two, the price goes up a dollar. Yes, when this book is available for sale, the price will be $4.99.


List price will eventually be $6.99


Right now, the only place that has the pre-order live is Amazon. I will update as each store site goes live.


And then there will be hooplah.


Hooplah, I tell you!


In the meantime, we’ll just keep this between you and me.






For those of you who haven’t already read it, now is the time to buy This Crumbling Pageant at only 99¢ everywhere! And I do mean everywhere!

Some series can be read out of order. This is not one of those series.









  1. I one-clicked that so fast! Can’t wait!!!

    • [Squeee!]

  2. bought it!

    • Awesomesauce!

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