This Crumbling Pageant–The Book Trailer!

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I never intended to create book trailers and yet suddenly, wow, I have done it. I am going to ask you a huge favor! Will you please go like this on youtube and facebook? The more it gets liked, the more it will be shown to random strangers who don’t move quickly enough to avoid it!

Wait. That is not what I intended to say.


The more it will be offered for the reading enjoyment of those whose algorythms share an affinity with other people who loved the book!

[Is that better? I think that’s better. Ahem. Am I punch drunk? Indeed I am. For reasons. So. Moving right along…]

Here it is on youtube.


And on Facebook where it is pinned at the top of the page.

This Crumbling Pageant is only 99¢ everywhere, and I do mean everywhere! Why? Because next week I will finally be announcing the launch date for The Dead Shall Live, which by the way, is only weeks away from now.

#YAFantasy, #romance, #adventure, #magic! Your kind of book? #99cents everywhere! Sequel in Oct! Share on X

[Did I mention it’s only .99 everywhere? I did? Well, I guess I just did it again!]

I can hardly think or breathe, I am so excited. Plus rushing around to get everything done!

Let me know what you think about the video. Please consider “liking” it on youtube and even subscribing to my youtube channel because…

The video for The Dead Shall Live is ready to upload. Just sayin’. I’d love for you to be first to know about that one!

So, as you know [but nobody else does] The Dead Shall Live is available for pre-order. And This Crumbling Pageant is only 99¢ everywhere.

And I’m frazzled.





  1. I did like it both places. Should have told you that already. **Squee**

    • ::back at ya!::

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