The Dead Shall Live — The Book Trailer!

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The Dead Shall Live link to Amazon


This is a sneaky, stealthy, and devious way to announce the pub date for The Dead Shall Live. But it’s also fun and fabulous. Because I want you to see my new book trailer. So watch it, and then you’ll know when to expect the book to drop into your inbox if you preorder at the special preorder price.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Watch!


I hope you love it as much as I do! Please, give it a thumbs up at youtube by clicking that image and feel free to leave a comment, if you’d like!

Pre-Order The Dead Shall Live at

Amazon , Barnes&Noble, Kobo iBooks,

or any of these other fabulous stores

today at the preorder price of

only $3.99!

Otherwise, you’ll pay the launch price of $4.99,
which is still a bargain and below retail, but still!

Only $3.99 everywhere!

And I also gently remind you that the first book in the series, This Crumbling Pageant, is only 99¢ everywhere!

My special thanks to Adrian von Ziegler whose fabulous music is used on this video. The drama and driving rhythm are so true to end of the book, which is what the video references–when all the magical, political, and emotional feels will just slay you. At least, they did me!

More special thanks to Shane Broderick. He actually shot two of the images I used in the video  in Youghal, Ireland on Samhain–the exact location and exact date* at the end of The Dead Shall Live.

When I found those images they gave me chills!

Let me know what you think!

* Shane Broderick took his images on Samhain 2015, not 1811.  Ahem.









  1. I think I loved this trailer–The Dead Shall Live–better than This Crumbling Pageant.

    • and the music–fantastic

      • Adrian is an amazing composer. His youtube channel has playlists to fit various types of music and it has been fueling my writing lately.

    • Thank you so much!

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