A Preview and Hints about The Dead Shall Live, and oh yes, Researchy Goodness

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I guest-blogged at Word Wenches yesterday, and if you’re interested in Ireland or Elizabethan history and how they crop up in The Dead Shall Live, you should  dash over there and check it out!

Not to mention my favorite new character is introduced there!

Also, a reminder that we are only [omg!] THIRTEEN DAYS AWAY from The Dead Shall Live ebooks landing on ereaders and in apps automagically! [Unfortunately we have a production issue that means print will be a lit later.]

So as a reminder, right now–

You can buy This Crumbling Pageant [.99] and The Dead Shall Live [3.99] both for the price of The Dead Shall Live’s launch price of $4.99!

And in case I haven’t mentioned it? You might want to reread This Crumbling Pageant or at least refamiliarize yourself with the way it ends, because The Dead Shall Live takes off like whoa the very next moment, just as if all you had to do was turn a page and keep going.


This Crumbling Pageant in digital:








The Dead Shall Live in digital:

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or any of these other fabulous stores!






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