The Dead Shall Live is Available Everywhere and Early Reviewers Rave

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Yes! The Dead Shall Live is available in digital e-book everywhere, with trade paperback and hardcover soon to follow!


And about those reviews–not only are the early reviews raves, but–


Reviewers have even started swearing like Vespasian.


“Buggering, rutting hell! Why did it have to end?”

Holy moly, or should I say, buggering hell! My head is spinning as I’m finally released from the spell of words…”


I can’t begin to tell you how widely I’m grinning over this unexpected development!


Over the coming days and weeks I’m going to share with you some of the real world places and people who inspired this volume of Persephone’s tale, along with images from our research in Ireland. I can’t wait, and hope you find them as alluring as I did.


Wait. You haven’t read The Dead Shall Live, yet? Let me make this easy for you!


The Dead Shall Live [$4.99] is the much-anticipated sequel to the award-winning This Crumbling Pageant and does not stand alone. But Story Spring Publishing has made it easy for you by pricing This Crumbling Pageant at 99¢ everywhere, so you can purchase both books for under $5.

Start reading today!

Amazon , Barnes&Noble, Kobo, iBooks,

and all of these other fabulous stores!


The Dead Shall Live link to AmazonAt midnight on Samhain, the dead shall roam.

Will you be there?

You can read it today.

















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  1. I’ll be reading it soon, but I’m so happy it’s available everywhere and has reviews.

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