A Magical Irish Cottage and How It Isn’t Connected to The Dead Shall Live

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Well, isn’t that a fetching title for post? But it’s true. There isn’t a cottage like this in my book. But I have to admit I watched Bealtaine Cottage videos from time to time to get me back into the Irish frame of mind whilst writing The Dead Shall Live.

If you want to get a glimpse of this magical cottage in the west of Ireland and imagine yourself living in such a place, you’ll be blessed with 18 minutes of calm, warm, Celtic beauty.

I’m sure I’ll share more about Bealtaine Cottage but for now, get yourself a cuppa and settle back for a cozy chat.

In the meantime, I’m looking for some lovely Irish tea* to send a friend for the holidays.I love tins and I love wee little things, so I may get this little set.

Wee Little Tea Tins with Irish Tea

Wee Little Tea Tins with Irish Tea

Plus, the middle tin is loose tea. I love loose tea!

Even though I don’t know how to read tea leaves. Which reminds me of something else I’ve been thinking about. Hmmm, who would I give this to?

I find many gorgeous vintage and antique ones with high prices beyond my budget. And then I found one on Amazon, and one at the Salem Witch Museum!


Cup of Destiny

On Amazon

Salem Witch Museum





* I first wrote about Irish breakfast tea in the book Scandalous, which is not magic but just might have a hovering spirit watching over all…

And it happened one Christmas.

How perfect is that for a December blog post?

Enough rambling!

So tell me, would you want a fortune telling tea cup? How about lovely little tins of tea?

Or would you rather stick with the hot guy in the tux?


  1. I would love the little tins of tea. I well remember having a tea ball and using loose tea leaves.

    • What’s interesting is that the teaball makes it easier to clean up, but doesn’t allow the best flavor for your tea. If you put your tea loose in your pot or cup and then pour boiling [or technically, almost boiling–but it must be truly truly almost and not just ‘hot’] over, the tea leaves explode and release all the oils that give flavour. The swirling they do because of the pouring water is also important. Then of course, once you drink your tea, you have tea leaves to read. 😉 [Or you do it in a pot and then use a little strainer as you pour into your cup.]

  2. I’d take the tea.

    love the bedspread.

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