My First Fanart! Bardán Fury!

Posted by on January 23, 2018 in What Pooks Is Writing | 2 comments

When Chrysoula Tzavaelas told me she wanted to created fanart for the Fury Triad, I was beside myself. There is no greater compliment or gift than someone who wants to creat fanart or write fanfic about your world.

But what she did with Bardan Fury-Persephone’s ancestor who is revered in Magi society–went beyond any expectations. In his medieval study surrounded by things both scientific and occult, he stares out at us and–is there just a hint of Darkness there? And amusement? After all, it was in response to his actions that…

“In England it is said, the Furies have a gift of pleasing kings.

But in Ireland ’tis said, never trust a Fury.”

First published on Deviantart.

Isn’t he amazing?


  1. perfect

  2. Wonderful work, Chrysoula!

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