The Furys and Music and Reviews and Accountability, all in one!

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The reviews on The Dead Shall Live are fabulous.
If you haven’t posted yours, please do.
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The image above of Adrian Von Ziegler is a hint of what is coming. Just a hint!
Adrian may look [and sound] familiar to you, though!

First I want to give you a sneak preview of the exciting behind the scenes work still happening on The Dead Shall Live. At least, it’s exciting to me! The trade paperback edition is available now, and…drumroll, please!… the hardcover will be available very soon!  [Yes it looks like it already is but don’t order it yet. The publisher is correcting a small glitch. I’ll tell you when you can!]

Today’s fun–a final check on the cover.

Here are the two hardcover covers, the way we put them together to compare the two before sending in our final edits and finalizing the new one. I loooove the green. It’s so Irish!

And finally, the real reason I am writing.

Two things!

I have updated the webpage for Untune the Sky.

As I said, the image of Adrian Von Ziegler is a hint of what you’ll find there.

I hope you love it like I love it and I hope it gives you chills like it gives me chills. [How does that man seem to always know the soundtracks for my scenes?]

You know, there are some plot twists I have known since the beginning of my work on the Fury Triad. I have worked hard to set them up.

Especially those that I hope make you literally gasp.

With shock.

Or horror.

Or delight.

But there are some twists that creep up on me, that slither into my mind as little more than a whisper from the Dark muse that drives me. There are plot twists that end up as knife-twists that make even me gasp… and perhaps… weep.

You can track my progress.

Yes, I have put a progress meter in the sidebar. I update it daily because I write daily. With a book this long I can write a lot of words without budging the meter much but cumulatively they add up.

It’s scary putting that meter out here in public.

Just sayin’.

I adore you all and please continue to help me spread the word about the Fury Triad. And maybe from time to time cheer me on.

Enough chatter!


And let me know what you think!


  1. Can’t wait for the cover reveal for Untune the Sky…love the sneak peak of the page

    • Oh, the cover reveal… that’s another subject all together, and quite delicious as well!

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