Miss Potter – Did You See the Movie?

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I read the script for Miss Potter, written by Richard Maltby, Jr., a few years ago* and fell in love.

And the movie more than fulfilled the promise of the script.

There are many reasons to see this film.

If you love Peter Rabbit, get thee to a theatre quickly.


If you love the stunning scenery of the Lake District in England, get thee to a theatre quickly.

If you love tender love stories of repressed English people, get thee to a theatre quickly. (If you are trying to imagine Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor as repressed Victorians, get thee to a theatre quickly.)

But, when Phil Villareal of the AZ Daily Star says, “Renée Zellweger can talk to imaginary rabbits every bit as well as James Stewart could,” I call blasphemy!


Peter and Harvey are not imaginary.

Originally posted on  a previous blog on April 2, 2007.

*I’d forgotten all about this post and then suddenly out of the blue I got two notices within a week that people had “liked” it. I went and read it, and I like it, too. I hope you do and that if you haven’t seen it already that you find a way to view Miss Potter now.

WRITING UPDATE:  Have I mentioned how much I love Akachi Redshanks lately? Yes, she’s in Untune the Sky along with Lord Sinner. I am so very glad that once upon a time I realized I needed a tattoo artist and had to do the research to create one. Finally, Akachi fulfills her destiny in this series! [Well, at least the one I planned for her. It seems she’s definitely got ideas for more.]


  1. I haven’t seen Miss Potter, but I have seen Harvey. Loved it!

    • I’ll have to check and see if the library has the DVD I can borrow of Miss Potter.

      Did you see she’s going to play Judy Garland?

      • I really think you’ll love it! The idea of RZ as Judy doesn’t startle me especially, other than RZ was gone for so long it’s just nice to see her back in something that might be big. I did see the image and if RZ does a good job of the role, as I hope she will, I’m sure it will work. I don’t buy into the ‘omg she looks exactly like her’ hype from this image, though. But she doesn’t have to look exactly like her if she makes us ‘feel Judy’ in her performance.


        • I agree she’s not a doppelganger in the picture…but RZ has the acting chops to convince us she can pull it off. I’m rooting for her.

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