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I’m proud to be a backer of an exciting new Kickstarter for a fantasy short story anthology Unlocking the Magic.

I also hope to be a contributor; I’ll be submitting a story myself, hoping to join fabulous editor Vivian Caethe and writers like Cat Rambo, Jody Lynn Nye, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Ferret Steinmetz, and Kristi Helvig.

And by the way, kudos to Holly Heisey for the fabulous art!

For those interested, there will be an open submission period so pledge and/or follow the kickstarter to get notified when it’s open.

This powerful and exciting anthology will present those with mental illness and cognitive issues not as magical creatures whose ‘issues’ give them extra sensitivity, not as the evil, twisted, ‘mad’ villains–

But as real people, as the heroes of our* own stories.

Heroes who live and breathe and fight and struggle even though they may have mental illness or cognitive issues.

As someone who fits that description, I am thrilled to be writing a short story to submit, just as I was thrilled to discover this kickstarter and support it in my own small way.

Won’t you consider supporting it, too? A magical anthology of fantasy short stories written by brilliant writers [and hopefully, me].  And yes, right now the first funding goal has been met. Anybody who pledges at least $10 US will get the anthology as a thank you. Rewards for backing go all the way up to getting your novel edited by the editor of this anthology.

You don’t have to pledge to submit a story. You don’t have to submit a story to pledge. But hey, I’m doing both. Maybe you want to join me in either/or? Please?


Update on Untune the Sky:

I have so many magics swirling in me, fueling this sequence in the book. Igbo and Irish Celtic and the healing magic of the enslaved on Barbados are weaving into kickass moment of revelation and power that is blowing the top of my head off.

And more, so much more.

I am so much in love with this book!

If you haven’t read This Crumbling Pageant, yet– read the sample chapters and get caught up in the danger, magic and passion of The Fury Triad.

If you’ve already read it but haven’t read The Dead Shall Live? Very spoilery* sample chapters here [don’t read unless you’ve already read the first book; you’ve been warned!] that pick up the moment the Persephone’s world was turned upside down yet again.

* I have struggled with this issue of posting sample chapters for The Dead Shall Live here on this site. They are spoilery in the worst kind of way, by ruining plot twists and surprises that had readers gasping when they read This Crumbling Pageant. So today I finally did it. I created the sample chapters page. And I truly hope it doesn’t spoil anybody’s reading fun, and the only way that can happen is if you don’t read those damned chapters until after you read This Crumbling Pageant!

Don’t make me come after you. <glaring at you hard>

* Our? Yes, our. I have a trifecta of whackadoo going on in my brain. I am fortunate that medication has made it much easier to deal with in recent years. [Don’t tell me how I don’t need meds or shouldn’t take them. Just don’t. Seriously. That ship has sailed.] ADD, dyscalculia, and depression.

I have totally claimed “Nevertheless, she persisted,” as my life’s creed. I persisted even when I didn’t know why I had to, why things were so different for me. Otherwise I would have no stories told, books and screenplays written. I am lucky to have been able to.

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  1. Best wishes!

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