Revenge of the Killer Flamingos is in the Building!!!

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Or rather, e-readers and apps and such!

Oh. Wait. It’s in the building, too!

Unless the e-readers and apps are outside.

Or in automobiles.



Let’s keep going forward, shall we?

Yes it is launched up into the stratosphere and I’m beyond excited!

I hope you buy it! I hope you read it! I hope you like it! I hope you review it even if you don’t!

Like it, I mean. Reviewing without reading would be awkward.

So okay, this is the book down there below this writing I’m typing right now. MJ [don’t call her Maisie Jo] is on the cover. So are Miss Taz and Fluffy. Those three marvelous characters were brought to artistic life by the talented Mark C. Collins, illustrator and author of many books including Grandma Stinks! yes seriously! I’m  eternally grateful to him because I love them!

The rest of the cover is the magic of Toni McGee Causey, author, photographer, contractor and batshit-sister-in-craziness.

Isn’t my cover freaking amazing???

Okay I will shut up now so you can admire it and then read about the book and then go buy it and read it and like it and review it even if you don’t like it because reviews are awesome.




Oh! Look!

A Mystery!

Meet MJ O’Malley. She’s impulsive, easily distractible, and even more easily bored. But when a hot lawyer hires her to create a flash mob and people start dropping dead–by flamingo?–well, murder in Pisgah Cove, North Carolina is the brightest, shiniest object to capture her attention ever!

But can she actually solve the crime before she becomes the final victim? Hop aboard for the zany romp and stick around for deadly murder.

With the help of Miss Taz, her Chihuahua guard dog, Fluffy the feral attack cat, a reluctant lawyer as sidekick, and her fierce intellect?

[Yes, I said fierce intellect.]

[Yes. Really.]

[Don’t diss the dys-brain, dude.]

[Where were we?]

{Oh, right!]

With the help of Miss Taz, Fluffy, Ben, and her fierce intellect, MJ’s got this case covered.

Because MJ has finally found her place in life.

Meet MJ O’Malley.

She solves murders.

#ADHD #dyscalculia #ownvoices

And if you’re wondering
what all this #-stuff means
you can Google it or
you can wait until tomorrow
when I post about it
or hey you can ask in comments
and I’ll answer but not until I
get home from watching
my grandprincesses in their
winter school program!


  1. I am loving this book!

    • That’s wonderful to know. Thank you!

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