#Blackathon is here! [And it’s Black History Month.]

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Once upon a time…

… three terrific book-vloggers decided to sponsor a  5-book readathon of black books featuring black people or written by black authors.

It was initially was intended for part of February but quickly expanded to last the entire month. So if you see specific dates in February, you can ignore them and know that yes, it really does last for the entirety of Black History Month.

Here’s a five-minute video explanation. Jesse is succinct and easy to follow, and also? Adorable!

[I list the info beneath it, too.]


Read a book (any genre) featuring romance between two black people (or one black person + a person of color).



Read a graphic novel or comic series with a black or African MC HEAR US ANY work by a black/african author


[My thoughts on Rivers of London/Body Work are here.]



Spoken word: listen to these 4 poems and share your favorite on social media or with a friend. Discuss what this poem means to you and why it matters.

Balaenoptera by Joshua Brandon Bennett

What I’ve Learned by Aja Monet

“Waiting” by Jasmine Mans, Alysia Harris, and Jennah Bell

Cuz He’s Black by Javon Johnson



We house complexity within us. Read a book starring an intersectional black character (black & LGBT, black & neurodivergent, black & disabled, etc.)

My thoughts on Black Klansman
by Ron Stallworth are here.


Read the group book,  Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

My thoughts on Poet X
are here.


It’s that easy and that fun!

On twitter it will be using the hashtag #blackathon.

The three vlogger hosts on  youtube & twitter:

Francina Simone

Francina on Twitter

Francina on Youtube


Lauren’s on her Third Draft

Lauren on Twitter

Lauren on YouTube


Jesse E

Jesse E on Twitter

Jesse E on YouTube


List of Books by Black Authors/with Black Main Characters provided by Francina, Lauren, and Jesse [click!]

List of LBGTQ+ Books Written by Black Authors provided by YAPride.org.

What do you do when you read these books? You can join in discussions in reply to their youtube videos, respond on twitter using the hashtag #blackathon1, or just tell your friends about them. You’re going to be reading some good books and that’s what this challenge is all about. Reading and loving books.

What books have you read that fit in some of these categories?

I’m going to share some of my recommendations later, and also will share the books I’m reading as I read them!

First up, though–I just downloaded The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo for the group read and can’t wait to dig in. It’s a book I’ve skirted around curiously without checking it out because it’s told in verse/slam poetry. But everybody says it’s phenomenal, it’s winning awards, it’s #1 on Amazon in YA, so why on earth was I holding back? And… this cover. OMGuh…. this cover.

PS I finished reading it and reviewed it here and it is so, so wonderful!

What are you reading? Blackathon, some other readathon, or whatever you’re reading?





  1. I guess the Beverly Jenkins book I downloaded will be my first to check off in the challenge.

    • Good choice! I have several of hers that I bought after I read Forbidden and liked it so much. But I haven’t been in the mood for American historical settings lately. But I really go love her work. Slayer of Words!

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