My Kind of Mystery: A Reading Challenge for 2019

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What is the My Kind of Mystery Challenge?

If you read any mystery material at all:  this group of readers/reading challenge is for you.


My Kind Of Mystery” is a reading challenge for every kind of mystery. That  includes autobiographies, tutorials, and other books by and about mystery authors, not just fiction.


Carolyn of RiedelFascination created and curates it.

She also included a list of books she’s planning to read this year that fit “her” kind of mystery.

The challenge runs from February 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020.

I’ll be posting all the mystery-related reading I do this year on this page to keep it all in one place. If you decide to join, I suggest you do that, too. Or if you prefer, create a Goodreads shelf specifically for this challenge and then you can link to that.

Here’s mine. Right now it has ‘want-to-reads’ on it so I can go back and find what I want. When I have more time I’ll shift my ‘want-to-reads’ over to a post here and keep that Goodreads shelf just for books I’ve already read.

All participants provide links to our pages/shelves so we can follow what others are reading and talk about it! So figure out where you want to post your thoughts/reviews on the books you read and then you’ll be able to post the link when you sign up for the challenge.

I’m looking forward to this challenge and hope some of you decide to follow it, too!

NOTE: For those of you tapping your feet and glaring, I can assure you that any books I read will be books I was reading anyway, often for my research and inspiration needs. Believe me, I won’t ever read a book for a challenge during time I write, and will only read them when I need that break or they will be useful for me.  They will not slow down the arrival of Untune the Sky in any way! And I love you for caring. [hugs]





  1. Rivers of London, a graphic novel entry in the Peter Grant paranormal mystery series, is here.
  2. Black Klansman, a true crime investigation of the KKK with a black undercover officer–yes, it’s true and unbelievable and a fascinating read–is here.


  1. That’s how you do it, Patricia! Whenever you use linky buttons, including at my “My Kind Of Mystery” review page that is linked to my name here: you do indeed “have an idea if it worked”. Exit and re-enter buttons to see your input and test what you linked. It must have been a typo when your said that you were linking an e-mail address (that’s for comment forms, like this). This wonderfully enthusiastic description post, telling your readers about us, is certainly where it belongs and works. A click brought me here.

    Welcome and add any reviews you like, of 2019 literature you have read! The simple “Title” Author (Your Name) formula for review entries is explained on every review page. You bet, that we look forward to seeing and supporting what each other reads. It is made easy by sectioning buttons by authors’ names. Your happy hostess, Carolyn.

    • Thanks! I’m ready to dive in and know which mystery I’m about to read. It’s a two-fer that will also count for my #blackathon, and I guess a #three-fer because it has also been on my list a long time and I’m simply jazzed about finally reading it!

  2. great challenge. I don’t participate in reading challenges–my choice–but I love looking at others’ challenges.

    • I tried a couple of years ago, the diversity challenge, and I found books that I love a lot, but I think by the fourth month I didn’t have time to keep up with it, reading things that weren’t part of my current needs. What I like about the two challenges I am doing with Carolyn is that they are so broad. Nothing like one month read a book with X in the title, another read a book with [etc] which I think would be fun–if I had enough reading time to do that along with the books I’m reading for my research and cultural grounding.

    • I’m glad it sounds good, Denise! Patricia has wonderfully elaborated that I say “theme” instead of challenge, because they are moreso places to gather every book you read that fits. I have”Ethereal” for all spiritual, paranormal, fantansy, and magic you can think of and an all-Celtic group, too. I love matching my reading into a category but refuse to jump through hoops. I love having a place to report what I read and do something with it, like a sport; after traditionally being a solitary hobby.

      Patricia, I am honoured to be the reason for your first 2019 post.

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