Celtic Coasts: A Reading Challenge for 2019

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What is the Celtic Coasts Reading Challenge?

A group created and curated by Carolyn of RiedelFascination that covers all three Celtic countries!  Whatever genre your passion might be;  if your author is born or residing in Celtic country, if your literature takes place among these countries, or is connected to them strongly:  this group is for you.

The challenge runs from February 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020.

I’ll be posting all the Celtic-related reading and research I do this year on this page to keep it all in one place. If you decide to join, I suggest you do that, too.

Or if you don’t have a blog, create a Goodreads shelf specifically for this challenge and then you can link to that. Here’s mine. Right now it has ‘want-to-reads’ on it so I can go back and find what I want. When I have more time I’ll shift my ‘want-to-reads’ over to a post here and keep that Goodreads shelf just for books I’ve already read.

All participants provide links to our pages/shelves so we can follow what others are reading and talk about it! So figure out where you want to post your thoughts/reviews on the books you read and then you’ll be able to post the link when you sign up for the challenge.

I’m looking forward to this challenge and hope some of you decide to follow it, too!

NOTE: For those of you tapping your feet and glaring, I can assure you that any books I read for this challenge will be books I was reading anyway for my research and inspiration needs and will not slow down the arrival of Untune the Sky in any way! And I love you for caring. [hugs] Of the challenges I decided to try this year, this one will by far have the most books in it for that reason, and the only real question is if I’ll manage to keep up with posting to the challenge after I read the books!


  1. When I won my first Kindle from Toni–yes, that Toni–I bought two anthologies, one Scottish romance, one Irish romance. Loved them both.

    • That’s great when you win books you actually enjoy reading!

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