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An Internet Fan Fiction Archive Is Nominated for a Hugo

Archive of Our Own is a finalist in the prestigious Hugo award’s Best Related Works category—which means thousands of fanfics are Hugo finalists.

This week, the Hugo awards—a set of literary awards given to the best science fiction and fantasy works of the year—announced that Archive of Our Own (Ao3), a massive internet fanfic archive, is a finalist in the Best Related Works category for 2019. If the archive wins a Hugo this year, hundreds of thousands of user-created transformative works—much of it horny, weird, and beautiful fan-made takes on existing pop culture like the aforementioned Avengers fanfic—will join the past and current honorees.

According to its website, Ao3—a project founded in 2008 by the Organization for Transformative Works, a non-profit organization dedicated to making fan-made work more widely accessible—contains 31,810 user-submitted fandoms (subcultures of existing works), 1,864,000 users, and 46,83,000 individual works, accumulated in the 10 years since its launch. All of these are now nominated for a Hugo.

Which means that yes, I am nominated for a Hugo. LOL! Well, in a way, as part of that amazing archive.

Someday I may have time to tell how fanfiction saved me from the dark side, held me captive in its fabulous grip, and finally released me into the wild to return to novels. Or maybe I don’t have to. Because that’s pretty much what happened!



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  1. That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

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