Wallowing in YA Fantasy, the Dark Kind

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Hold it. We interrupt this program, I mean blog, to announce:

I didn’t know when I started writing this post, but–

A Court of Thorns and Roses, the first book in the series I’m about go on and on about?

Is only $1.99 everywhere.

Could this post be any more timely? I think not!

Quick, buy it. We’ll wait.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming, I mean blog.

Only $1.99 everywhere!

Also on sale, but not $1.99.

Also on sale, but not $1.99, alas.

Yeah, on sale, not $1.99


I just finished listening to and reading* A Court of Wings and Ruin, the third book in the in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. It’s a ripsnorter of a series with enough unexpected turns and revelations to keep me happy, along with angsty yet loving relationships, lots of drama but a good share of snark and friendship, and solid world-building.

I can’t and won’t say that this series was five stars throughout, nor will I say this book was five stars throughout.

What I can say without hesitation is that after completing this third book in the series, I rate the series five stars!

If that math doesn’t work for you, blame it on the dys-brain.

This series must be read in order, and honestly–avoid spoilers. Half the thrill is watching things unfold that you didn’t expect to unfold, though you may pick up on hints and wonder or even hope…

The only thing stopping me from leaping forward to the next book in the series, A Court of Frost and Starlight, is…

I have two copies of a book that I’ve been chomping at the bit to read, and it’s finally out!

Finally, Finale!

I will share more about it next time [including the title which is Finale, wait, did I just type that?, along with my dilemma [remember, I said two copies?], which is about obsessions and addictions [remember, I said two copies?], beautiful books to possess and caress, and my civic duty to listen to that book asap because there are others in line waiting to download it from my library. [At least I know which copy to read!]

* Re: listening to and reading, this is the first time I ended up switching between audiobook and ebook using Audible‘s really nifty-cool whispersync abilities, and I loved it. I usually just do one or the other, but I think whispersyncing more often is in my future, because If I own the audiobook via Audible, it doesn’t make any difference where I get the Kindle book. Since I can often download them from the library for free, it’s a cool option to have.

Uh-oh, I almost forgot to mention the hot sexxors.

I love Francina Simone and she reacted to this more than  once.

This series isn’t nonstop hot sex or anything, but it does have its moments. Thus it may or may not fall under the subgenre of YA Fantasy, but since it’s shelved and sold there, I guess it is!

Have you read any of this series? Which was your favorite book? I think mine is A Court of Mist and Fury. Maybe.

Tell us below!

























  1. I understood the math

    • Oh dear.

  2. Alas and alack, the other stories in the series cost $7.99each which is way over my budget.

    • These are all very likely available through your library in print, digital and possibly even audiobook! They are major best sellers.

      • I surely do hope so

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