Wash Your Hands to the Music [pretend that’s the Doobie Brothers]

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My grandprincess was taught to wash her hands as long as it takes to sing happy birthday in order to be sure she gets rid of the nasties.

MJ Butler took that a bit further.

This PSA brought to you by Iron Butterly, The Doors, Rare Earth, Leonard Skynard, and The Beatles.

Sort of.

aka A Twisted Path Through Musical Hygiene History from TwistedMojo:


Any hygiene that includes Iron Butterfly, The Doors, Rare Earth, Leonard Skynyrd and The Beatles gets the Pooks Seal of Approval.

[note to self, design a pooks seal of approval]


  1. You need to visit washyourlyrics.com . You can design a CDC hand washing chart using your favorite song lyrics.

    We need to find a way to laugh through all of this, right?

    • Oh good lord yes.

      Although margaritas would help.

  2. Liz Talley said she washes her hands to the tune of Jolene.

    • Ya gotta love a girl who loves Dolly!

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