MJ O’Malley Was Interviewed for a Fabulous Mystery Blog And I’m Nervous

Posted by on August 6, 2021 in General | 1 comment

I interviewed her, of course. I don’t think anybody else could control her.

I’m not sure I did.

Quick! Run read it! After all I wrote it for YOU so that I’d have a reason to have to update this blog. And now that I’ve done it, reward me! Because I am just as obnoxious as Maisie Jo.

Also I’m so delighted that the wonderful mystery writer Lois Winston invited me to her blog for her Book Club Friday. You might want to sign up to be notified when she updates because I have it on the best authority that she only invites the most well-written, fabulously plotted, and brimming-with-terrific-characters kinds of mysteries to be shared there!

Smooches!  And I think I need to start updating this blog more often so give me some love for that, too!

Your obnoxious,



PS How obnoxious am I? How many links to MJ’s interview did I put in this blog post?

PSS Oh and in case I forgot to tell you, I wrote something and it is HERE.

1 Comment

  1. because I read it and answered from my phone, I’m anonymous on the website.

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