Magic in the Welsh Woods

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This image lived on my computer wallpaper for a couple of years whilst I wrote This Crumbling Pageant. It simply smells of magic to me, but you see, I love the green. I swear, green has a scent.  Paisley Vandermeir in Scandalous agreed with me, and could open her brownstone window when it rained in Manhattan, and smell the green.

On Facebook, my good friend and fabulous writer asked people to share trees, forests, that they loved, to help inspire her travel destinations and this is the one I wanted to share. However, I couldn’t find it online already, so here it is.

Ty Canol Woods in Wales

The primeval forest with mossed ground


  1. Green does have smells. The green of grass smells different than the green of moss. The green in a forest smells different than the green of a field.

    • And the green of the East Texas piney woods smell different than the Rocky Mountain National Park’s forests. Man, I love me some green.

  2. Green most assuredly has aromas. This of a fresh cut lawn. I used ot want a erfume that smeled like that.

    I have walked in the woods in all 4 seasons and each season has its own distinct aroma that refreshes the body, mond, and spirit.

    As for the photo above, it reeks of magic so much that I expect to see fairies flitting about, elves busy at their taks and dwarves on their way to their mines.

    • Yes! I love the moss-covered rocks and boulders, too.

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