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So… that happened.*


Patricia Burroughs—Pooks—began her writing career in romance with five published novels. She received nominations and recognition from RT Reviews and was a Finalist for Romance Writers of America’s RITA.

Then she got lured over to the dark side—screenwriting. Her first script landed her an agent, director, stars—everything needed for the movie to get made but money. Later scripts [action comedies, romantic comedies, science fiction and fantasies] continued the string of “almosts” until the years 2000 and 2001, when she became the only screenwriter in history to be a Finalist twice—with two different scripts–for the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. She received the Fellowship from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for an adaptation of her first published novel, La Desperada, under the title, Redemption. Uncredited but paying work followed, and she was happy with her Hollywood dreams…

Until one day she woke up with a new story rooting itself into her heart, a story that couldn’t be told in a script but needed many more pages to spread out, flex its muscles and take wing. She returned to novels and is presently writing an epic fantasy trilogy, published in digital, trade paperback and hardcover by Story Spring Publishing, beginning with This Crumbling Pageant, Volume One of The Fury Triad. The Dead Shall Live, Volume Two is available everywhere as well.

In 2015, Pooks was honored to receive a “Pioneer of Romance Award” from RT, and This Crumbling Pageant, Volume One of The Fury Triad received a Golden Quill Award for Best Romantic Fantasy.

On one of their many research trips, Pooks & her Resident Storm Chaser were unfortunately swallowed by a shark. All ended well. The shark spit them out.

Pooks taught creative writing for over twenty-five years and speaks at national and regional workshops, conferences and meetings.

If you want to follow her around the internet, she can be found at the following places, in order of how often she uses them: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. As for book-related things, she uses Goodreads constantly to log her reading and check out reviews, but also makes review copies of her new books available through LibraryThing.

* Note from Pooks:

Recently I’ve been asked to share some info that has long been on my mind and so I am happy to do so.

I have a trifecta of whackadoo going on in my brain: ADD, dyscalculia, and depression. I am fortunate that medication has made it much easier to deal with in recent years. [Don’t tell me how I don’t need meds or shouldn’t take them. Just don’t. Seriously. That ship has sailed.]


I have totally claimed “Nevertheless, she persisted,” as my life’s creed. I persisted even when I didn’t know why I had to, why things were so different for me. Otherwise I would have no stories told, books and screenplays written. I am lucky to have been able to.


I pray that whatever challenges life my fling in your way, you are able to persist and follow your dreams, as well.

Pooks with the "Animal House" Nicholl Class of 2001!

Pooks with the “Animal House” Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowships Class of 2001! Her script, Redemption, was an adaptation of her novel, La Desperada.

With her Golden Quill naming This Crumbling Pageant the Best Fantasy Romance of 2015.

Finalist: Short Contemporary Romance RITA for Scandalous, An Accidentally Married Romance.Sav


Receiving the Pioneer of Romance Award from RT Book Reviews.









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