FAQ [Warning: Facebook Involved]

This FAQ was crowdsourced on Facebook. Yes, the author really put her professional image in the hands of strange friends on the intrawebs. At least they didn’t steal her kidneys.

And since she hasn’t answered any questions for five years, she will entertain the possibility of answering more at the end.



Tell us about your research.

That is not a question.

How about questions about your research?

Not a complete sentence.


My research. I did it. Kicked anything that wasn’t fun or helpful to the curb. Er, kerb. And took what was left and twisted it nine ways to Sunday.

Wait. That was not a good answer, was it?

Probably deserves its own page or ten, but for now, that’s it.

I’d like to know your favorite breakfast taco combination. Sometimes, these things matter more than knowing your horoscope.

Egg, chorizo, bacon and cheese. Oh, and onions and peppers. And salsa. [And Scorpio.]

This is a pic I snapped whilst researching. I shot it from the graveyard at St. Senara’s Church in Zennor. [This is also where you’ll find the carving of a mermaid inside the church; click that link if you want to know more and I know you do.]  If you click the picture itself, you’ll land at the marvelous Walking Cornwall Instagram where you’ll get lost in the evidence of the many reasons I love Cornwall!

Why do you like Cornwall? Is it because of tales of pirates and smugglers?

Because it’s off the beaten track for most tourists. Because they rattle off all the ‘must-do list’ of things you must do if you’re in England, including large stately homes, museums and such. In the meantime, we’re holed up in a fishing village on the coast of Cornwall feeling like we found the secret and the other people just don’t know. [That’s one reason, anyway! I have others!]

This deserves doubledy-dozen posts and one day soon maybe I’ll begin writing them. Oh wait, deadlines. Okay, maybe not soon.

Boxers or briefs?

My 11-year-old grandprincess* would tell you that is an inappropriate question.
[No, I don’t know where her DNA came from, either.]

* She is no longer eleven. She is sixteen. And she would find it even more inappropriate now. [And no, I still don’t know where her DNA came from.]

Other hobbies and why, maybe.

Questions, they end in a ?, right?

Her name is either Roxy or Roxie and I don’t know which because I have spelled it both ways. Which isn’t as bad as our other dog who is either named Weasel or Bella, depending on who is talking. And they were both rescued from local animal shelters and are the best dogs in the world. And no they aren’t confused as long as food is involved.

Oh well, other hobbies… How lame is it that I don’t have anything exciting to add here? Travel, reading, movies, football, hiking [when there are pretty views], loving my dogs and grandprincesses, and the stuff I’ve mentioned elsewhere, unless I can lie.

If I can lie, well, I also collect mini-tattoos under my underarms, breed rat snakes, and color my leg hair odd rainbow colors when I’m bored.

How long did it take you to love the blank page?

I think I kinda always did. My problems are generally not getting started. They are keeping going. So no, you can’t take away my tortured writer card. I suffer plenty, just not over that first, blank page.

Got any more questions, preferably that end with a question mark? Ask. If I don’t have to think too hard, I may even answer!


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