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My statement on fanfiction and fanworks is at the bottom of this page,
after the links related to content on this site. The links are being updated but the most recent posts are below.


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I’m a big supporter of fandom as defined at AO3 — An Archive of Our Own. Until I have time to formulate a proper statement, just know that I have written fanfiction, may do so again, have read more fanfiction than I can begin to estimate in words or stories, and do allow fanfiction and fanworks about my own worlds as long as it is attributed to those worlds and my name as the origin.

The best I’ve read on the subject comes from author Cecilia Tan and I encourage you to read it if you want to know more of the debate around fanfiction and its supposed threat to authors, and why it actually isn’t a threat at all.

When I write fanfiction, I consider it the highest compliment and honor to the author because they created a fictional world that feels so real to me, I want to explore more of it through the fanworks of others and by creating my own. The same certainly goes for fanworks and fanfiction inspired by my work.

I will not read fanfiction written about my own work, but will be thrilled knowing it exists!

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