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  • Vespasian on my Vision Board & In My Planner

    This image of Vespasian isn’t anywhere else and probably won’t be. Yes, I bought an image that would ordinarily be used for a book cover to use for my own inspiration. Seriously. How could I not? What drew me to this image is one word. TORTURED. That is how I view Vespasian, and what I […]

  • Shooting Windows — Fury Triad Research

    View from moathouse which you must pass through to enter Baddesley Clinton. A moated manor house!

    I love photographing windows, usually the view from within.  And when it comes to windows, there is nothing I love more than leaded glass. When we were in England in March 2013, I shot several views from Erinyes Manor Baddesley Clinton. It’s difficult to explain what it’s like visiting a place after you’ve already absorbed […]

  • Currently writing under threat of bodily harm.

  • In Which a Deck of Cards May Have Taken Over the Dys-Brain

    I’m busily back in the world of the Fury Triad. Want to know what I’ve been researching lately? Can I tell you without giving away any spoilers? I think maybe I can. Back in the 1400s a card game called Tarocchi became popular amongst the wealthy in what we know today as Italy. [Amongst: a […]

  • Tall Ships and Magic and Research and Such

    First things first! For some reason a notice did not go out in email to let you know about my most  recent post. So since you probably missed it, here is the link. It’s about how Harry Potter influenced The Fury Triad and if you have read either or both, I think you might find […]

  • Be Part of the Magic and the Healing Where Fantasy and Neurology Collide.

    I’m proud to be a backer of an exciting new Kickstarter for a fantasy short story anthology Unlocking the Magic. I also hope to be a contributor; I’ll be submitting a story myself, hoping to join fabulous editor Vivian Caethe and writers like Cat Rambo, Jody Lynn Nye, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Ferret Steinmetz, and Kristi […]

  • The Dark Unwinding [and the slow, sensuous reveal…]

    “Warm sun and robin’s-egg skies were inappropriate conditions for sending one’s uncle to a lunatic asylum.” This year is turning out to be stellar.  I keep discovering fabulous books to read or listen to, but I have neglected to share the goodies. So, let’s begin to catch up. The book I need to share with […]

  • The Furys and Music and Reviews and Accountability, all in one!

    The reviews on The Dead Shall Live are fabulous. If you haven’t posted yours, please do. goodreads               amazon The image above of Adrian Von Ziegler is a hint of what is coming. Just a hint! Adrian may look [and sound] familiar to you, though! First I want to give you a sneak […]

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