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  • Day Eleven: We Shall Overcome

    Kofi Boakye – – – Over the past few years, the most visited post on this site is a previous tribute to “We Shall Overcome.” We have such a deep need now. Deep in my heart I still believe.

  • Day Two: We Shall Overcome

    Louis Armstrong “I want every sister and brother to sing like they never sung before for old Satchmo.” – – – Over the past few years, the most visited post on this site is a previous tribute to “We Shall Overcome.” We have such a deep need now. Deep in my heart I still believe.

  • Vespasian on my Vision Board & In My Planner

    This image of Vespasian isn’t anywhere else and probably won’t be. Yes, I bought an image that would ordinarily be used for a book cover to use for my own inspiration. Seriously. How could I not? What drew me to this image is one word. TORTURED. That is how I view Vespasian, and what I […]

  • Shooting Windows — Fury Triad Research

    View from moathouse which you must pass through to enter Baddesley Clinton. A moated manor house!

    I love photographing windows, usually the view from within.  And when it comes to windows, there is nothing I love more than leaded glass. When we were in England in March 2013, I shot several views from Erinyes Manor Baddesley Clinton. It’s difficult to explain what it’s like visiting a place after you’ve already absorbed […]

  • Currently writing under threat of bodily harm.

  • Fanfiction [occasional] Monday [on Thursday] – AO3 & Hugos!

    Because a writer writes. Because publication does not define who is and isn’t a writer. Because I am a proud member of supporter of @ao3org and because the #hugos2019 rock!     An Internet Fan Fiction Archive Is Nominated for a Hugo Archive of Our Own is a finalist in the prestigious Hugo award’s Best […]

  • How much difference is there between a billionaire lifestyle and a half-billionaire lifestyle?

    And no, that’s not a trick question. Nor is it a failure of my dys-brain, which as disordered as it is, can actually understand that particular mathematical concept. Just don’t ask me what 7×8=. But, billions and half-billions? I understand the concept and am yet very confused about it. I’m certain there must be a […]

  • Harry Potter & Beautiful Disaster Launch #fanstuffmonday, yay!

    I love the idea that readers fall in love with books and characters and turn around and want to create their own stories, art, etc. Fan art  can be images representing the author’s creation or images the represent the artist’s ideas of what might have happened, or might happen. Today, this fan art on tumblr […]

  • In Which a Deck of Cards May Have Taken Over the Dys-Brain

    I’m busily back in the world of the Fury Triad. Want to know what I’ve been researching lately? Can I tell you without giving away any spoilers? I think maybe I can. Back in the 1400s a card game called Tarocchi became popular amongst the wealthy in what we know today as Italy. [Amongst: a […]

  • A Fabulous New Review of The Dead Shall Live from Lauregalie Book Reviews

    Now that writing and publishing Revenge of the Killer Flamingos is behind me and I’m diving back into The Fury Triad, I don’t think a more inspiring thing could happen to me than to receive this review! I’m not sure if lauregalie is a name or has some other meaning, but thank you, Monika! I’m […]

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