Tag: Adrian von Ziegler

  • The Furys and Music and Reviews and Accountability, all in one!

    The reviews on The Dead Shall Live are fabulous. If you haven’t posted yours, please do. goodreads               amazon The image above of Adrian Von Ziegler is a hint of what is coming. Just a hint! Adrian may look [and sound] familiar to you, though! First I want to give you a sneak […]

  • The Dead Shall Live — The Book Trailer!

      This is a sneaky, stealthy, and devious way to announce the pub date for The Dead Shall Live. But it’s also fun and fabulous. Because I want you to see my new book trailer. So watch it, and then you’ll know when to expect the book to drop into your inbox if you preorder […]

  • That Moment When…

    That moment when the problem… The problem that has been eating you alive from the inside out for months… The problem that the final conflict in your book, this passionate project you are pouring your heart and soul into? Isn’t              quite                        working.   That problem that, yes the book is written and the […]

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