Tag: Bardán Fury

  • My First Fanart! Bardán Fury!

    When Chrysoula Tzavaelas told me she wanted to created fanart for the Fury Triad, I was beside myself. There is no greater compliment or gift than someone who wants to creat fanart or write fanfic about your world. But what she did with Bardan Fury-Persephone’s ancestor who is revered in Magi society–went beyond any expectations. […]

  • Of Research and Acquisitions

    So. I found this wonderful image of a trickster who is the very essence of my Bardán Fury. Should I buy some of these cards for giveaways?Bardán Fury (of The Fury Triad) was a valued member of Henry VIII’s court, along with those of his offspring, and had the foresight to understand the need for […]

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