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  • Fanfiction [occasional] Monday [on Thursday] – AO3 & Hugos!

    Because a writer writes. Because publication does not define who is and isn’t a writer. Because I am a proud member of supporter of @ao3org and because the #hugos2019 rock!     An Internet Fan Fiction Archive Is Nominated for a Hugo Archive of Our Own is a finalist in the prestigious Hugo award’s Best […]

  • Harry Potter & Beautiful Disaster Launch #fanstuffmonday, yay!

    I love the idea that readers fall in love with books and characters and turn around and want to create their own stories, art, etc. Fan art  can be images representing the author’s creation or images the represent the artist’s ideas of what might have happened, or might happen. Today, this fan art on tumblr […]

  • Naomi Novik as Unknowing Mentor and oh yeah Fanfiction

    Readers, you know I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of Naomi Novik’s newest fantasy novel, Spinning Silver, the not-a-sequel yet-same-universe-ish Eastern European historical fantasy world she first inhabited in the much lauded and loved Uprooted [which I have recommended before if you want to check the categories in the sidebar]. I’m listening to the […]

  • The World of The Fury Triad – Harry Potter Fanfiction and Fandom As Early Influences

    I have been asked whether Harry Potter  and its fandom influenced the creation of The Fury Triad. Really! Why would you even imagine that Snape influenced This Crumbling Pageant’s villain, Mr Jones, aka Vespasian Wyllt? ::blinks innocently:: Wait. Am I being coy? I am being coy. Enough of that piffle. You wouldn’t be the first […]

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