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  • Jeepers, Writing Is Hard!

    Jeepers! Writing Is Hard! furytriad.com

    And if that title seems cocky and chirpy and chipper? I am not feeling cocky and chirpy and chipper. Today was a day of writerly ups [revisions, and rereading, and swelling with emotions–all the feels!–even though I wrote it myself and have been over and over it before] and downs, omg downs [spending hours making […]

  • Images to go along with my Patreon post.

    I thought I could include images in my patreon post but evidently? Huh. I can’t.   So here they are, the first image: And next: And of course: But never forget…   Who ultimately will be the key to the heart of the story.   Want to know what this is about? It’s here! For […]

  • Why the Sachse Library Rocks

    First posted Oct 14, 2015, reposting as part of site-rebuild. There are many reasons the Sachse Library rocks. If you’re a writer in the area, you should check out what’s happening at the Sachse Public Library. They are sponsoring a series of activities for this year’s Nanowrimo, and I got to kick it off last […]

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