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  • Shooting Windows — Fury Triad Research

    View from moathouse which you must pass through to enter Baddesley Clinton. A moated manor house!

    I love photographing windows, usually the view from within.  And when it comes to windows, there is nothing I love more than leaded glass. When we were in England in March 2013, I shot several views from Erinyes Manor Baddesley Clinton. It’s difficult to explain what it’s like visiting a place after you’ve already absorbed […]

  • Tall Ships and Magic and Research and Such

    First things first! For some reason a notice did not go out in email to let you know about my most  recent post. So since you probably missed it, here is the link. It’s about how Harry Potter influenced The Fury Triad and if you have read either or both, I think you might find […]

  • Of Goddesses and Sunsets and Swots and Writers with Wandering Minds…

    A writer’s studio. What a stunning image. I love impressionism and the colours in this are so saturated and glorious! Some writers say that windows and views distract them. In my case they help create a creative ambiance and are less likely to distract me from writing than many other things. Of course this sunset […]

  • A Preview and Hints about The Dead Shall Live, and oh yes, Researchy Goodness

    I guest-blogged at Word Wenches yesterday, and if you’re interested in Ireland or Elizabethan history and how they crop up in The Dead Shall Live, you should  dash over there and check it out! Not to mention my favorite new character is introduced there! Also, a reminder that we are only [omg!] THIRTEEN DAYS AWAY […]

  • Chicago Library Seeks Hermione Granger

    This would be Hermione Granger’s bliss. Chicago Library Seeks Help Transcribing Magical Manuscripts Three texts dealing with charms, spirits, and all other manners of magical practice are now accessible online “You don’t need a Ph.D to transcribe,” Christopher Fletcher, coordinator of the project and a fellow of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, tells Smithsonian.com. “[The […]

  • Stobhach Gaelach and Soda Farls

      It’s a rare writer who doesn’t get seduced down many a research black hole in an effort to bring the very best story to her readers. And by black hole I mean information so fascinating, alarming, and/or delicious she just might keep clicking and reading and reading and clicking a teensy bit longer than […]

  • Flashback! A Q&A With Pooks

      This is another blast from the past as I rebuild the site. It was Day Two of the blog tour for This Crumbling Pageant and I was given a really fun Q&A by Maureen McGowan over on Get Lost in a Story. GET TO KNOW PATRICIA MAUREEN:  Where do you most like to read […]

  • Today’s Blog Post Is Brought To You By Despair & Writer’s Angst

    I had a blog post planned for today but can’t write it or do the other writing tasks I had planned because of revising The Dead Shall Live. Specifically, the ship sequence.  Which, well, I ended up commemorating in my planner. Because I am five years old. This will make more sense later. But I […]

  • Jeepers, Writing Is Hard!

    Jeepers! Writing Is Hard! furytriad.com

    And if that title seems cocky and chirpy and chipper? I am not feeling cocky and chirpy and chipper. Today was a day of writerly ups [revisions, and rereading, and swelling with emotions–all the feels!–even though I wrote it myself and have been over and over it before] and downs, omg downs [spending hours making […]

  • Madron Well in Cornwall

    “I loved the healing wells in your book. Are they real?” A reader who prefers to be anonymous asked that question, and I love getting to respond to it. Though this is a repost republished as part of the great reclamation and rebuild post tragic incident of perfidious hackage, I don’t have its original post […]

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