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  • The Dark Unwinding [and the slow, sensuous reveal…]

    “Warm sun and robin’s-egg skies were inappropriate conditions for sending one’s uncle to a lunatic asylum.” This year is turning out to be stellar.  I keep discovering fabulous books to read or listen to, but I have neglected to share the goodies. So, let’s begin to catch up. The book I need to share with […]

  • 9 Fabulous Magical Romances to Read if You Love The Fury Triad

    [box] “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” ~Toni Morrison[/box] I wanted to read something that was magical and dangerous and exciting and had kissing. Or at least the promise of kissing. That wasn’t contemporary or futuristic. That was either historical or […]

  • Dark Triumph — Very Dark YA Fantasy, Indeed

    I have grown to love dark YA fantasy, which I never would have guessed until The Fury Triad wormed its way into my brain. At the time I “knew” it couldn’t be YA because “too dark” and various other misconceptions about what YA books actually are. Now that I have realized that YA books, and […]

  • Grave Mercy – Dark YA Fantasy

    Originally published on Feb 4, 2016, republished as part of the great reclamation and rebuild post tragic incident of perfidious hackage. To keep my muse happy, I must feed her delicious books that incite the imagination to riotous pleasure. You know the drill. So let me tell you what is pleasing her right now. It […]

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