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  • Short Stories. And More Short Stories. And Even MORE Short Stories!

    [SORRY,THIS PROMOTION IS OVER.] I bring you worlds and worlds and more worlds waiting for you to discover them in this speculative fiction short stories sale! FOURTEEN SPECULATIVE FICTION SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGIES AT THE SPECIAL PRICE OF ONLY $2.99 EACH   What is speculative fiction, aka SpecFic or Spec-Fic? From Wikipedia: Speculative fiction is a […]

  • It’s not too late to get 30 free short stories!

      [SORRY, THIS PROMOTION IS OVER.]   When I was invited to join this promotion with over 30 free short stories given away free, I was psyched! I’ve never been part of one like it before, and I’m not sure there has been one like it before. While it was set up as ‘a short […]

  • Readers love those rascally gods!

    What? You don’t know about those rascally [and made up] gods, Debris & Detritus? I wish I could describe Debris & Detritus for you, but it depends on which story they’re in. They are sisters. They are twin brothers. They are British. They are ancient Greeks. They are lumps of stone, as in… well, the […]

  • “A Need for Expanded Abilities of a Discreet Nature”

    For Your Delectation, a Sample from My Short Story So. This was Professor Rufus Cornelius Abercrombie-Stubbins. She curtseyed stiffly before the Englishman. Gentleman, truth be told, for gentleman he surely was, despite the smear of oil on his cheek and his steamed-over spectacles. He whipped them off and wiped them on a filthy silk handkerchief. […]

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