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  • The Dead Shall Live is Available Everywhere and Early Reviewers Rave

    Yes! The Dead Shall Live is available in digital e-book everywhere, with trade paperback and hardcover soon to follow!   And about those reviews–not only are the early reviews raves, but–   Reviewers have even started swearing like Vespasian.   “Buggering, rutting hell! Why did it have to end?” “Holy moly, or should I say, […]

  • “And thus it was clear between them, threat made, threat returned.”

    Originally published March 7 2016, reposting as part of my site rebuild. Jennifer Blake shared a new website that helped me make this today.   It’s a quote from This Crumbling Pageant. The image was used on the cover of the book, both trade paperback and hardcover. Originally the ruins from this image were on […]

  • Readers love those rascally gods!

    What? You don’t know about those rascally [and made up] gods, Debris & Detritus? I wish I could describe Debris & Detritus for you, but it depends on which story they’re in. They are sisters. They are twin brothers. They are British. They are ancient Greeks. They are lumps of stone, as in… well, the […]

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