Tag: Toni McGee Causey

  • Revenge of the Killer Flamingos is in the Building!!!

    Or rather, e-readers and apps and such! Oh. Wait. It’s in the building, too! Unless the e-readers and apps are outside. Or in automobiles. Or– Ahem. Let’s keep going forward, shall we? Yes it is launched up into the stratosphere and I’m beyond excited! I hope you buy it! I hope you read it! I […]

  • Unexpected Joys. And Mailmunch.

    This week brought some out-of-the-blue unexpected joys that I hope come in threes since there have been two and that would mean another might be hovering in the wings. But if not, no prob, because the two that popped up totally made up for the rest of the week. This has been a week of  […]

  • My Note to the Librarians and Booksellers at the RT Booklovers Convention

    Apr 24, 2014 I can’t wait to meet you! On behalf of my Momma, my Grannymamma, my Igdaddy, my Uncle Fred and Uncle Nelson– I am proud to be part of your welcome to the 2014 RT BookLovers Convention. I grew up on the stories of the years they lived in a boarding house in […]

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