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  • Vespasian on my Vision Board & In My Planner

    This image of Vespasian isn’t anywhere else and probably won’t be. Yes, I bought an image that would ordinarily be used for a book cover to use for my own inspiration. Seriously. How could I not? What drew me to this image is one word. TORTURED. That is how I view Vespasian, and what I […]

  • Naomi Novik as Unknowing Mentor and oh yeah Fanfiction

    Readers, you know I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of Naomi Novik’s newest fantasy novel, Spinning Silver, the not-a-sequel yet-same-universe-ish Eastern European historical fantasy world she first inhabited in the much lauded and loved Uprooted [which I have recommended before if you want to check the categories in the sidebar]. I’m listening to the […]

  • Snapshot: My Life as an Act of Revision

    “Half my life is an act of revision.”*     *John Irving Save

  • Today’s Blog Post Is Brought To You By Despair & Writer’s Angst

    I had a blog post planned for today but can’t write it or do the other writing tasks I had planned because of revising The Dead Shall Live. Specifically, the ship sequence.  Which, well, I ended up commemorating in my planner. Because I am five years old. This will make more sense later. But I […]

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