Mourning Chorus, A Funeral Fakers Mystery

My first cozy mystery, and I’m so psyched! I’m writing it now [you can follow my progress in the sidebar] and I welcome any insider scoop on living in growing up or living as a transplant in Asheville, North Carolina–God’s Country! Tell me below or email me at pooks at furytriad dot com!

Watch this space for the cover reveal, sneak peeks at snippets [or maybe even deleted scenes], pre-orders and contests, and until then, I am going to dive back into the zaniness that is Mourning Chorus!

And wait! There’s more!

You can buy all five books for the cost of three if you pre-order!



Not only will you get two books free–you’ll get them all on release day–November 2, 2018–of the very first one.

Yes, that means before anybody else gets books four through five, you’ll have them!

On November 2 all books will only be available for Amazon Kindle. While that will probably change later, that is the publisher’s initial plan. So if you have a different ereader or app the pre-order special is the only way you can purchase them.

I’ll update this space when I have more news!

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