Vespasian on my Vision Board — Just for my you, my readers!


You may wonder about the other images across the bottom. They are various images of the 9 of Coins in Tarot. I am not a Tarot reader but I love the images and have always loved this particular woman.  Recently I saw this description of this card:

The IX of Pentacles represents significant financial reward, but one borne of hard work and careful planning on your part; a just reward for prudent actions.

That is what I am working hard for, and so those images were also fun for me to use. There is a Harry Potter Tarot on and that artist’s interpretation of this card is Molly Weasley! She is the black and white card just to the left of the middle card. On the right is an image of the Weasley twins. I will have to write about that one, and why it ended up here, another time!

This page–the vision board–is from a printable goal planner I bought from etsy. I needed some pages to add to my own planner and liked hers.

Here is the pic of my vision board at work. Nice inspiration, eh? But as I said elsewhere, what drew me to this image is one word. TORTURED. That is how I view Vespasian, and what I sensed in this image. I would have snatched it up just as quickly if he’d been fully clothed. Yes, really.

So yes, I bought an image that would ordinarily be used for a book cover to use for my own inspiration. How could I not?

And, before you go?

If you see him totally different? If you see him like this?


Why, you are absolutely right! Who am I to tell you what the characters look like in your head? [But I’d love to see what they look like in your head, if you have any images!]

When my book leaves my fingertips and lands in your ereader or on your shelf, it becomes yours.


“A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.” ― Samuel Johnson

Some or all of this content may eventually end up on the blog or open on this website in some other way. For now, nobody can get to it unless they have the URL, which means it’s pretty much limited to you, my newsletter readers!

Let me know what you think about my image of Vespasian, where it’s right and where it’s wrong. But no spoilers, please, for people who haven’t read the books yet! And if you haven’t, click the book covers to find out more.





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